My iPhone’s visual voicemail stopped working, so i fixed it.

So, visual voicemail is one of the “features” of the iPhone. When I got my 3GS it was squirrely. At some point, it simply stopped working. I’m not really much of a complainer so I just dealt with it for a long time. I decided today was the day this problem went away. I would like to thank @spleck, @inflatedKarma, and @tma for their assistance on this project.

  1. Changed my stupid voicemail password, thereby forcing the iPhone to stop just assuming “everything will be ok.” This is done by following the steps found on AT&T’s answer center. This is actually a pretty well written document, so I have to give props to AT&T for a job well done.
  2. This didn’t make it work by itself. I attempted to then change my voicemail password on my iPhone to match as follows:
  3. This didn’t work, so I had to reset all carrier settings. I had screencaps of that, but it seems I can only make 1 gallery per post on wordpress at my current wordpress skill level.
  4. Once I did that, it asked me for my voicemail password. I set it appropriately and voila, I had visual voicemail.

I should be embarrassed it took me that long to get around to fixing my stupid voicemail. Now it works.

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