Links widget refused to show up.

So, the links widget refused to show up in this wordpress blog. At first I thought that maybe there was something wrong with the theme I had picked. However, it’s an officially supported theme hosted on the freaking servers, so if the Links widget wasn’t working under *those* circumstances, then was doomed. It turns out that links (or even the stupid widget) won’t show up unless they are categorized. So, even though in the links widget it says “All Links”, it’s a stinking lie. Links have to have a category, otherwise they simply don’t show up. So, the images attached are:

  1. The stupid links widget lying about showing all links
  2. The stupid links widget showing a picked category (peeps in this case)
  3. The “edit links” page, you can see that there are categories displayed
  4. The “edit link” page, in which you can see how categories are added to a specific link.

To summarize:

If you are trying to get the links widget to show links in wordpress your problem is either:

  1. You don’t have any links defined in the system
  2. You haven’t actually enabled the links widget
  3. Your links don’t have categories
  4. Your category isn’t the one picked in the widget
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