korean bbq instead of qrplop

it’s the next to last night before my mom returns to los angeles. I was going to focus my evening on qrplops data model, but instead i found myself eating at a korean bbq place. big shout out to seoul garden, their gal-bi and pork bulgogi were freaking amazing. anways, i did get my structure ready for dotcloud, and i have a twitter bootstrap / dancer based application. (an awesome little project, might I add.)

qrplop is a silly little webapp. It lets you easilly add qr codes to the world which point to:

  • images
  • markdown text blobs (with images)
  • media files?
  • even a “scavenger hunt” mode, where you have to go in order to get to the final QR code…
I figure people can use it to rickroll people, or maybe to put together guided nature tours, or maybe some fun scavenger hunt type stuff. I don’t know, people hate qr codes, and i get why, but the fact is that I can try to be part of the problem, instead of the solution this time 😉

So if you are curious, the git hub repo is here, and hopefully I’ll get this up in the next 4-5 days for some early stupid beta access.

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