It’s a fully operational death star

I spent almost all day today doing something I never get to do. Basic computer hardware configuration and setup. It’s been years since my programming environment consisted of anything more than one mac laptop and a stack of virtual machines. Well, I decided that I wanted to spend today, instead of programming qrplop, which is what I promised myself I’d do… Setting up a cool little corner of the house for me to *feel* like coding.

You see, it came as a surprise to me a day or two ago when I thought: “man, I really want to be productive and get some coding done on personal projects” and I realized that what I meant was: “go to panera or somewhere like that, and code.”  Quite frankly, that made me mad. I have a nice big house, which I’ve spent plenty of money on, and I have plenty of furniture, and a Herman Miller Aeron Chair from the time of the dot coms.  Why couldn’t I set up a nice environment for myself at home?

So, I bring you, the fully operational “nerd corner.”


Those of you that know me will be surprised that it’s not a standing desk. I figure, I already have a standing desk at my office, so I’m splitting my risk of “death by sitting” some by having a sitting desk at home.  Also, it turns out, this is in the “crafteteria room” in the house, along with Leigh’s knitting and Natha’s… well… whatever he does. So, they’re going to be sitting, I should sit too. No reason to be an antisocial weirdo 🙂

So, hopefully having a nice environment at home will actual propel me forward towards something that resembles progress!

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