How did I live before git/git flow?

Seriously, a development environment feels completely and totally stunted without git flow.  Here are the steps that I follow when setting up a new development environment’s shell:

  1. Make sure I have git. 
  2. Install git flow. Seriously, it’s the nicest, easiest branching model ever. I’ll write something more about it later.
  3. Install git completion. I refuse to not have tab completion, what is this, Darfur?
  4. Install git flow completion. See above statement re. tab completion.
  5. Set up a nice prompt. Seriously, if your PS1 isn’t pimped out, then I just don’t know about you man. This is what mine looks like, and I’d love to see what there is out there:


It’s seriously not even an option for me to work without git and git flow any more. I simply don’t know how I did it to begin with. And don’t even get me started about writing perl without perlbrew, cpanm, and local::lib. Bunch of savages.

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