I always forget how much everything is going to fail.

I don’t know why it is that way, it just seems to be. I always have this idea that I’m going to sit down and write some code and the hard part is going to be solving the problem and coming up with an elegant algorithm. 20+ years of being a professional (kind-of) programmer and that hasn’t been the problem yet. i don’t believe a single time that i’ve sat down to try to write some code and accomplish something technologically, that the challenge has been the code or the algorithm. It’s always the toolchain.

I love my profession, mind you. I enjoy the problem solving process, and I enjoy deploying code and having people use it. But my god, the toolchain. In my day job, my toolchain has gotten so much better than it was, even just a few years ago. Where I had to deal with CVS and tar files, I now have git and puppet. Where I had to deal with CPAN I now have CPANM.  Where I had to deal with perl 5.8 I now have perlbrew. My entire life situation has gotten better in nearly every way professionally, and the reborn perl community should really be proud of themselves for the changes they’ve enacted in the recent years.

In this little world that I’ve carved myself, I forget that the entire world isn’t CPANM and SSDs… it’s gross out there.  I went to a cool presentation today by @cfjedimaster, hosted by the Interactive Developers of Nashville group,  and I was really excited to go home and try out some http://build.phonegap.com, i mean cordova, action. Because HTML5 + CSS + JS is really not an awful toolchain.  And quite frankly, I had seen what he had to do to build and app, and I was pretty sure that the phonegap stuff was just going to work.  I forgot, however, that I needed to get a new certificate since I had recently replaced my iphone. Oh, how simple minded I was:


Touche Apple, Touche. I wasn’t expecting an unknown error that kicked me completely out of the process in a completely unrepairable fashion. You’ve succeeded in making me feel wholly unempowered, that takes skill.

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