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removing an extra column in vim

So I load a csv in vim, and realize I screwed up. I wrote out 2 probabilities instead of one. 2 100004,0.732524934269992,0.267475065730008 3 100015,0.502454568719362,0.497545431280638 4 100026,0.426691576440626,0.573308423559374 5 100030,0.796236053493448,0.203763946506552 6 100047,0.745809954575253,0.254190045424747 7 100052,0.980561973536192,0.0194380264638075 8 100056,0.86757763360163,0.13242236639837 9 100061,0.580641527965135,0.419358472034865 10 100067,0.487600362330103,0.512399637669897 11 100068,0.336393531503461,0.663606468496539 … Continue reading

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Why I like Domino for my Cloud Data Science

I am writing a longer blog post about using my Toshiba Chromebook as the primary computer in the Coursera John’s Hopkins Data Science Specialization, but I really felt this was a valuable nugget of information to get on the web. … Continue reading

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Unpopular Opinion

One of the goals in moving from Brentwood, TN to Santa Monica, CA was broadening the opportunity for entertainment that was available to us. We live right down the road from a fantastic comedy venue, the West Side Comedy Theater. … Continue reading

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One week in review of the Toshiba CB35-A3120

I wish I had more depth to this review. I wish I could give you point by point instructions about what’s great about it and what’s not so great about it. I wish I had detailed pictures to show you. … Continue reading

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First day review of Toshiba CB35-A3120 13.3-Inch Chromebook

Guys. No seriously. Guys. This Toshiba CB35 is a really nice laptop. I wasn’t expecting it. I was expecting an OK laptop. But it isn’t an OK laptop. It’s a really nice laptop. If you read this blog or know … Continue reading

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Stop using regular top.

Seriously, I know you’re old like I am. I get that, but it turns out there’s been ridiculous advancements in top technology, there’s two programs I just learned about today that make me feel like I’ve clearly missed out on … Continue reading

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Speeding up R code

So I’ve been writing a bunch of R using the fantastic RTextTools and topicmodels packages for LDA. The math in those packages is fantastic, the string manipulation in R is not great. So, what’s a guy to do, but ask … Continue reading

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Current Plan for Twitter

These are the new rules: At the beginning of every month, my list of twitter followers will be culled based on: If you are a lifelong friend who is active on twitter, you get a pass (active on twitter is … Continue reading

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3 Strikes. How I went from early adopter to disinterested in Amazon Fresh

I have moved to Santa Monica in the last year. This has afforded me all kinds of awesome opportunities to really start eating clean. I can go to my friendly local co-op and get grass fed organic free range potato … Continue reading

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C# and Mono vs Perl. Oh my god, who am I.

So I’ve spent the last few days diving deep into C#/.net/Mono. When I first looked at it a few years ago, I saw a big clunky language and an unwieldy runtime. Having just spent the last 6 months looking at … Continue reading

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