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Using Proc::BackOff to manage reconnection intelligently

If you’ve ever written a piece of code that communicates to other pieces of code, and your code wasn’t just a simple test, you had to handle the concept of reconnection. Usually, this is handled in a not particularly elegant … Continue reading

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plack + starman + Inline::C = bloody stinking fast

My image management system for work is really cranking. It is now hosting 22 million images on a single server. Mind you it’s a beefy server, but that’s still a lot of images.  What still surprises me is the performance … Continue reading

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Dancer::Plugin::Auth::Twitter gives 401, and how to “fix it.”

If you are having an issue with Dancer::Plugin::Auth:Twitter where it gives you a 401 and you can’t figure it out, the answer is frustratingly simple. At some point in the past, Twitter changed their web UI so that there isn’t an … Continue reading

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